The following is a transcript of a conversation between my daughters

Paolina (playing with blonde Barbie #1): Oh, hello, do you want to play?
Fernanda (playing with blonde Barbie #2): Oh, yes!
Paolina: Where's Obama? (Referring to the used Arsenio Hall doll we bought for 50 cents in Michigan last October at the Goodwill)
Fernanda: Let's get him!
After getting "Obama" ...
Paolina: Do you want to marry him?
Fernanda: Oh, yes!
Paolina: Let's both marry him!
Fernanda: Oh, yes!

Such a conversation 35 years ago by my sisters in front of my Grandma back in Dearborn (near Detroit) would have caused her to go into convulsions. Interracial polygamy! Oh, yes!