Tournament: A Ruby and Rails Program for Managing NCAA Tournament Pools

Tournament Web GUI
Tournament Web GUI
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3/10/2010: I moved the tournament project to GitHub and

Well March Madness is upon us again and I packaged up some stuff I have been working on off and on over the last 12 months in my tournament gem. The new release includes a Rails web application for running your office pool -- complete with self-service signins and registrations thanks to a slightly tweaked restful_authentication plugin.

One of the more interesting parts of the Rails app was adding the ability to generate a PDF of the tournament bracket for a kind of WYSIWYG print view. Thanks to the smart people at Subimage Interactive for the idea and some glue code for interacting with the Prince XML tool.

Original Announcement from Last Year

Even with no spare time whatsoever (as my wife would attest), I released a little toy I have been working on for managing NCAA basketball tournament pools. There are many finer software packages out there for doing this, but I'm not sure how many are free.

Anyway, all the details are up on RubyForge.