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Douglas A. Seifert

117 Beverly Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 489-5226


Over ten years of top, diversified programming experience ... Extensive background in many areas including Linux (RHEL 5, Fedora Core 9, Ubuntu) and Windows (XP) operating systems ... Expertise in Ruby development, including Ruby on Rails ... Expertise in the Java SDK (through version 1.6.x) ... Expertise in J2EE (v. 1.3, 1.4 & 1.5) platform ... Expertise in server side application server frameworks including J2EE (Glassfish, SeeBeyond Integration Server, JBoss, Weblogic), Jakarta Tomcat ... Expertise in web application development using MVC frameworks including Ruby on Rails, XWork 2 and Webwork 2, Struts, JSP, JSTL, Java Servlets, PHP, ASP, ISAPI, NSAPI and Perl CGI ... Expertise in use, setup, configuration and tuning of RDBMS including Oracle, Sybase, Postgresql, MySQL, HSQLDB and MS SQL Server ... Expertise in database programming and data modeling using ActiveRecord, JDO (XORM and BEA Kodo), Hibernate, JDBC, RogueWave DBTools, ADO and embedded SQL ... Expertise in messaging systems including JMS (ActiveMQ, Joram, STCMS & MQSeries) and Microsoft Message Queue ... Expertise in caching solutions using memcached ... Expertise in indexing solutions using Lucene, SOLR and Ferrett ... Expertise in XML based technologies ... Expertise in distributed object programming using Drb, EJB3, Java RMI/IIOP, CORBA and COM/DCOM ... Expertise in lightweight inversion-of-control container frameworks, including Picocontainer ... Expertise in writing high-performance, multi-threaded server applications using Java, C/C++ (pthreads and Win32 API) ... Expertise in integrating with third party web services, including PayPal, Amazon Web Services, USPS Merchant Tools, and UPS Merchant Tools ... Expertise in OODBMS including Object Store and Versant ... Expertise in low-level network programming using TCP & UDP sockets ... Expertise in common web networking protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and UDP ... Can apply object oriented techniques using design patterns to solve software problems ... Experience with dynamic HTML, CSS and JavaScript to write rich web UI's ... Scripting languages include JavaScript, PHP, JScript, PerlScript and VBScript ... Programming languages include Java, Ruby, Scala, Clojure, C++, C, Python, Perl and FORTRAN ...


  • Architect scalable Ruby on Rails based solution for high-traffic travel web site ( getting 1.5M+ visits a month with 20% month over month traffic growth and a product database of 1.8M+ products. Designed production environment and data center architecture to support future growth to 20M visits per month. Developed framework for presenting OO view of highly normalized data using Lucene for indexing/search and memcached for caching.
  • Design and development of distributed Job scheduler using JGroups for running long-term publishing tasks for ring tone CMS at Infospace.
  • Design and development of J2EE 1.3/1.4 compliant, multi-threaded, high-performance application server. Took project from prototype to delivery in SeeBeyond's eGate 5.0 product. Lead architect in all aspects of the container design and specification implementations. Utilized JMX based service bus and interceptor architecture and used XML configuration scheme. Extremely detailed knowledge of all aspects of J2EE technologies and API's.
  • Design and development of a XWork 2 and WebWork 2 java web application for Security Pacific Home Loans integrating several third-party loan origination systems (GFS and CLOUT) using a variety of Java technologies.
  • Design and development of a JMS v. 1.0.2 client-side library for SeeBeyond's JMS server. Utilized pluggable connection handling and protocol policies. Shipped with the eGate 4.5.x product line.
  • Design and development of Java servlet based framework utilizing XML as a messaging protocol.
  • Design and development of high-performance, multi-threaded session manager for tracking user DSL logins and managing bandwidth-on-demand sessions. Utilized MSMQ for reliable message transport. Integrated as an IIS Filter in a high-touch web framework.
  • Design and development of high-performance, scalable patching mechanism for client DSL software using Marimba Castanet. Included both client side and server side components.
  • Design and development of a web application server for dynamic web sites called Nucleo in C++ using CORBA and Object Store. Ported to Java and JDBC and renamed as Onion.
  • Design and development of intranet publishing system for Times Mirror Corporation using ATG Dynamo and Java servlets. Extensive use of JNI to integrate a third party content search and categorization tool.
  • Design and development of dynamic form generation and data collection tool using ATG Dynamo for Times Mirror Corporation.
  • Design and development of UNIX networking applications for visualization of Space Shuttle ascent trajectory simulations. Implemented automated data transfer using RPC and sockets.
  • Experience debugging large Java, C++, C and FORTRAN programs.


2/07 - Present Software Architect
UpTake Networks, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

Lead web architect for a high traffic consumer facing travel search and recommendation website implemented in Ruby on Rails backed by a large mysql product database and extensive Java and Ruby based data pipeline. Develop and maintain administration website for editing product database. Design scalable production environment based on nginx and mongrel. Responsible for implementing best practices including TDD, continuous integration and automated deploy scripts based on Capistrano. Architect high performance indexing solution based on Lucene and SOLR. Implement recommendations of SEO consultant to improve Google search rankings of site. Develop ruby frameworks for presenting object oriented view of highly normalized meta schema in a mysql RDBMS utilizing memcached layer for extreme performance. Expert in Rails page and fragment caching. Develop clustered system based on Ruby Queue for regenerating complete product index of 1.5M+ products in less than six hours.

9/05 - 2/07 Software Architect
CloverLink Systems, Inc.
Glendale, CA

Designed and developed next-generation of mortgage broker loan origination system utilizing Java, Ruby and Ruby on Rails for Ownit Mortgage (previously Security Pacific Home Loans). Extensive third-party web service integration.

8/05 - 8/06 Software Architect
InfoSpace, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

LA office architect for platform development. Responsible for best practices, mentoring, technology research and recommendations and core framework development. Improve and expand with new functionality existing content management and delivery system for mobile phones that generates $200+ million annual revenue. Improved performance of ring tone catalog publishing process 10 fold by analyzing the problem, debugging it and coding solutions.

1/04 - 8/05 Senior Consultant
CloverLink, Inc.
Glendale, CA

Senior consultant for a variety of clients, utilizing Java and the .Net framework to provide scalable web and internet solutions. Lead architect and developer for Security Pacific Home Loans Streamline Website project, which utilized Webwork 2, XWork 2, Tomcat, Picocontainer (a lightweight, dependency injection service container framework), FOP (for document conversion), JMS (Joram JMS), JDO (XORM) and many other technologies to provide an on-line, end-to-end mortgage initiation, pricing and closing tool. Extensive third-party mortgage funding application integration using extensible pluggable framework. Developed CloverLink customer portal web application in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

4/01 - 12/03 Senior Software Engineer & Architect
SeeBeyond Technology Corp.
Monrovia, CA

Lead architect and implementer of a high-performance, multi-threaded J2EE compliant application server for SeeBeyond's flagship eGate product. Involved in all stages of design and implementation of an JMX service bus, deployment and invocation interceptor framework, EJB container system, deployer, JNDI service, and JAAS Security manager. Integrated Jakarta Tomcat to provide web container services. Developed high-performance, scalable client-side JMS implementation for SeeBeyond's JMS server product. Lead the effort to bring the application server into compliance with Sun's Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) for J2EE 1.3 (achieved in 4/2003). Polished the implementation for inclusion in SeeBeyond's release of ICAN Suite 5.0.

5/99 - 3/01 Senior Software Engineer
Octive Technology, Inc.
Newport Beach, CA

Design and develop high-performance, multi-threaded servers for the Octive Technology DSL back-end network in C++ and Java. Developed several JSP and Java servlet tools for assessing data integrity and network availability. Developed secure, scalable session manager in C++ for Octive's "Bandwidth On Demand" product. Development of the Octive servlet framework utilizing XML as a communication protocol.

11/97 - 5/99 Senior Web Application Engineer
USWeb (now MarchFIRST)
Santa Monica, CA

Design and develop high-performance, multi-threaded web-based applications for USWeb clients. Used Java and ATG Dynamo to develop several intranet solutions for Times Mirror corporation. Maintained several web sites based on the Nucleo web application framework developed at Lot 11 Studios.

10/96 - 11/97 Senior Web Application Engineer
Lot 11 Studios
Hermosa Beach, CA

Lead designer and developer for the Nucleo web application framework, an in-house tool for web site development and deployment. Utilized CORBA for distributed object communication and Object Store for object persistence. Deployed on several high-profile websites. Ported to Java and renamed as Onion. USWeb purchased the company in 11/97.

4/96 - 10/96 Software Developer
McDonnel Douglas
Long Beach, CA

Design and implement middleware connecting C17 work flow tools, legacy databases and document managing software in an integrated environment.

3/90 - 4/96 Application Programmer
Rockwell International (now Boeing Space Systems)
Downey, CA

Application programming for Space Shuttle trajectory analysis and design. Shell programming and data crunching applications in FORTRAN. Analytical and statistical design tools for selecting optimal space shuttle ascent paths in C. Data visualization programs integrating third party graphing and plotting tools for Shuttle trajectory simulations in C and C++.


12/89    BS Aerospace Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI