Chord Practice Application

Have been using vue.js at work and I wanted to play around with it with my favorite web dev platform, Ruby on Rails. I also am learning to play guitar and found a technique that works well for developing finger dexterity and accuracy: the 60 second chord switching practice. I started out tracking progress on a big Google spreadsheet, but that quickly became unwieldy as I progressed beyond knowing how to play more than 4 or 5 chords.

So, I scratched an itch and put this small app together. I chose to use bootstrap to get responsive markup and layout out of the box. I wanted to mess around with SVG libraries as well to draw chord charts and settled on SVG.js. And, finally, to chart progress I picked Chart.js.

I had originally envisioned this app to not store any data server side, but since I needed some model data there, I put in a db. I may still rip that out and use client side storage solely for this, but having the ability to do this server side makes generating test data easier. I wonder if someone has developed an ActiveRecord style persistence library for Javascript and local storage?