I only feel this way because I am a Dad now, but there is something incredibly amusing, satisfying, funny and awesome about your two year old teaching you the colors using squares of colored construction paper you cut up for her.

We are all apes in the end, mimicing everything we see and hear. Our daughter Paolina sat with us at the kitchen table last night playing teacher, holding up the colored pieces of paper one by one and asking in her barely understandable two year old voice, "What color is this?" When you answered, she'd tell you if you were correct ... "Yes, yellow." She'd put the yellow piece of construction paper in the pile of already done ones and pick up the next one.

Half way through, she changed the rules a bit. After correctly identifying the color, she would ask what else near by was the same color and if you hesitated, she would tell you. Very prim and teacherly the whole time.

I tried tricking her a few times and although on a couple of occasions I got her to agree with my incorrect identification at first, she would quickly see the error and tell you, "No, that's not purple, it's green." She'd look up and scrutinize you and she could tell you were joking around with her and she'd laugh right along with the joke. Quite a ways she has come from that amorphous, colicky little blob that she used to be.