All the endless debating regarding gay marriage is ridiculous. See the following blog posts on the topic:

There are many, many, many more examples.

The thing that annoys me about all the debate is this point of argument: since any adult man has the right to marry adult woman and any adult woman has the right to mary any adult man, there is no discrimination in laws that forbid adult men to marry other adult men and for adult women to marry other adult women. Everybody has the same rights and restrictions, so there is no discrimination.

What I find ridiculous about the preceding line of reasoning is the arbitrary distinction made between the sexes. If you take out references to men and women and just talk about adult humans, then it is pretty clear that discrimination is involved. There is a subset of the population of adult humans who are forbidden to marry the adult human of their choice.

I know I will be labelled as naive for framing the argument this way, but oh well, that wouldn't be the first time I have been labelled such. But I think the arbitrary separation of the sexes in this argument has no justification. It is irrelevant to the matter at hand, which is we have laws on the books that forbid an individual adult human from marrying the adult human of his or her choice.

These laws are discriminatory and no amount of hand-waving about irrevelancies will convince me otherwise. If you can convince me that the bringing up a person's sex in this argument is somehow relevant, maybe I will change my mind ...