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Polarization of wealth in America is slowly leading the country into class warfare. How bad can it get?

What if foreign and/or domestic terrorism escalates until the unthinkable happens?

What steps might our national leadership take to ensure the survival and the stability of American society?

What can we do today to prevent the events depicted in this store from happening?

THE CERTIFICATION OF AMERICA, a page burning award-winning novel, addresses these critical questions. In an election year of historical importance, this novel should be mandatory reading for Americans from both sides of the political spectrum.

Jack Salinger is a cynical pot smoking psychiatrist who practices on-line in a radically altered America of the future. He lives in a hermetically sealed penthouse in one of the American cities that survived a devastating war against foreign and domestic terrorism. Brutal class warfare between the rich and the poor has resulted in the overthrow of America's representative democracy. An economically based aristocracy has been in control of the government since Second Independence Day, the anniversary of a domestic coup that brought the wealthy to absolute political power.

Miranda Lee-Weston, the appointed figurehead President of the United States logs on to Dr. Salinger's web site. The President is attempting to recruit 56 psychiatrists willing to become signatories to a strange document. Resembling the original Declaration of Independence, the president's Certification of America will declare the sitting government no longer competent to rule by reason of insanity.

Paul Seifert, M.D. is a retired professor of medicine who lives and writes in Petoskey, Michigan. Dr. Seifert can be reached at: or by telephone at 231-348-8378.

Copies of The Certification of America are available at:

"There is still time." Nevil Shute, On The Beach