Short Stories:
Human Cheese, Incorporated
The Land of Give and Take
Saint Simeon
Carlos and the Visitor
The Blues Singer
The Transformation

Selected Poetry: 1974-

The Certification of America, Vol. 1
Corridor O
In The Shadow Of The Cathedral
The Man Who Could Read Minds
Rachel and Annie
The Family Heirloom
The Atheist in the Foxhole:
  Chapter 1
  Chapter 2
  Chapter 3

Paul Seifert, M.D., was a semi-retired physician who lived and wrote in Petoskey, MI, a small town on the southern shore of Little Traverse Bay. He passed away in July 2018 after a long struggle with Parkinson's disease. We are collecting some of his works here as a memorial to his writing, something he hoped would lead to success, but for one reason or another, never did.

This site contains a series of published and unpublished short stories, some poetry, and excerpts from five novels. The text of a lecture delivered by the author entitled The Transcendental Significance of Endorphins is included. The lecture was designed to provide insights to the meaning of one of the novels, The Man Who Could Read Minds.

Copies of The Certification of America, Vol. 1, The Man Who Could Read Minds, Rachel & Annie, and Corridor O are available at, www.barnes& or from the bookstore on

Paul Seifert, M.D.

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